Vividcon 2010
2010 History: Pre-VividCon Faves

Here is a selection of just a few of the many excellent vids made in a world before VividCon--the kind of vids that made astolat & co. come up with the crazy idea to start a convention where it was all vids, all the time. I didn't actually watch any of these vids until 2004 or later, so I remain very grateful to VividCon, and previous VJs, for continuing to showcase these vids and allowing me to learn more about the history of our artform. VJ: par avion

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Pressure California Crew, Odd Woman Out and Sterling Eidolan Billy Joel Meta and Vidding None
If I could only save one vid from the vidpocalypse, it would be this one. It shows so much about women and vidding and our fannish history, circa 1990. You can't fake those cans of Tab.
2 Oh Boy California Crew, Sterling Eidolan and The Odd Woman In Buddy Holly Quantum Leap None
I'm pretty sure the QL vid being created in "Pressure" was not "Oh, Boy!"...but it makes me happy to pretend that it was :) Incredible lip-synching via stopwatch. Premiered at MediaWest*Con in the early 1990s.
3 So Pure Katharine and Pam Alanis Morissette Homicide: Life on the Street None
I suspect this may be the vid that long-time VividCon attendees most wish were available online. Notable for rare second-person POV and an extended dance metaphor. A very influential vid in the Escapade vidding tradition.
4 Deteriorata Deejay National Lampoon The Professionals None
I haven't seen this vid in five years, but I still remember many of the jokes. Note: "Deteriorata" is a parody of Les Crane's 1971 (Grammy-winning!) spoken word recording of "Desiderata."
5 In Your Eyes Lynn C. Oysterband Stargate SG-1 None
I love the energy this vid has. Jack and Daniel and the adventures of a lifetime. Premiered at Escapade in 2001.
6 There's No Way Out of Here gwyneth David Gilmour Buffy the Vampire Slayer, La Femme Nikita and The X-Files None
This vid taught me that the audience didn't need to know all three characters to feel for them. As long as the vid is telling us that they all have things in common, an emotional connection to one character will carry through to the rest. Created in fall 1998, remastered in fall 2005.
7 Hippie Boy Jo, Media Cannibals, Sandy and rache Caroline's Spine The Sentinel None
I met a Sentinel fan at CON.TXT in 2006 who was overjoyed to discover that the individual Media Cannibals were still around, if vidding under different names (I drew her a flowchart). Hippie Boy was her favorite vid ever made.
8 Sahara Chicago Loop and snoo Moxy Fruvous Multi None
This is a vid that really stays with you, even after only one viewing. Everything else I want to say would be a spoiler! Premired at Escapade in 2002, remastered in 2005.
9 Kryptonite Margie and Seah 3 Doors Down The Invisible Man None
Wow, I was surprised to see that this hasn't played in a VVC vidshow since 2002! It has definitely been used in panels to talk about POV shift and visual composition--seeing it on a big screen helped me to "get" it in a way I hadn't when watching it at home.
10 History Repeating Killa, Luminosity and WOAD Society The Propellerheads, with Shirley Bassey Highlander None
Amanda has seen everything and done everything, but has never lost her joie de vivre. I just love this vid. Premiered at Escapade in 2002, remastered in 2007.
11 Data's Dream (remastered) GF aka Gayle, ShadowSongs and Tashery Orinoco Flow Enya Multi None
I love the framing device. This vid distills the essence of why so many of us are fans. The remaster is unusual in that it incorporates a significant amount of SF&F content released after the creation of the original vid.
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