Vividcon 2010
2010 O Canada

Celebrating the best of what Canada has to offer; its shows, movies, stars, and so much more. This vidshow aims to put the spotlight on Canada being its Canadian self, exploring what makes it tick (hint: some of it involves sticks and a puck), what makes it awesome, and what makes it unique. Note: the VJs feel that some vids in this vidshow may contain triggering content.

## Denotes premiering video

Vividcon Classic: O Canada

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Oh Canada Dayln Handcuff & Big Hello Multi 0:03:22
Celebrating some of Canada's finest exports.
2 Tape It SDWolfpup Winterkids Twitch City 0:03:10
If your TV was this good, you'd never go out either.
3 Come On gwyneth The Headstones Flashpoint 0:02:59
The Toronto SRU knows what it costs to keep the peace.
4 Body of Years Cherry Ice Mother Mother Power Play 0:03:31
To live and die with a hockey team. How Canadian!
5 My Rights Versus Yours f1renze The New Pornographers Slings and Arrows 0:03:17
A little bit of theater, inspired by Canada's Stratford Festival.
6 Oh My God butterfly Pink Better Than Chocolate 0:02:00
Art, love, and the freedom to express both.
7 Trouble Maker SE Weezer Little Mosque on the Prairie 0:01:36
In the town of Mercy, Canada's cultural mosaic paves the way for some interesting friendships.
8 The Kill SuperKC 30 Seconds to Mars Hard Core Logo 0:03:36
Too much love will kill you in the end. HCL is a Canadian cult classic, and a vidshow would be incomplete without it.
9 Lack Kay Porno Graffiti Charlie Jade 0:03:12
Embracing the darkness and the complexity of Canadian sci-fi.
10 A Bar in Amsterdam kiki_miserychic Katzenjammer Gingersnaps 0:03:03
A taste of a modern Canadian horror film. Subversive, creepy, and fun!
11 Tension Fabella Tegan and Sara Life with Derek 0:03:04
Representing Canada's long tradition of youth television with a dash of step-sibling attraction.
12 Did I Step on Your Trumpet? kuwdora Danielson Jpod 0:03:15
Canada is a world leader in the gaming industry. Everyone involved takes their job very seriously.
13 Out Here here's luck Peter Mulvey due South 0:03:36
"For freedom, home and loved ones dear," from the heart of the Canadian fandom.
14 The Garden Milly Mirah Cadavres 0:02:21
L'industrie du film québécoise: Une sous-culture qui repousse les limites.
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