Vividcon 2011
2011 Totally Rad Vids

All 80s, all the time! It's time for big hair, tight pants, and livin' it up while we're going down. Actual hairspray, shoulder pads, and acid-wash jeans not included (but ohmygawd they would be so totally bitchin', please bring your own)! VJs: sisabet and Dualbunny

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Acceptable in the 80s Boom-Queen Calvin Harris Multi None
In the 80s...
2 Tik Tok AbsoluteDestiny Ke$ha Total Recall None
...Arnold Schwarzenegger fell in love on Mars.
3 Big Time Cee_m Peter Gabrielle Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure None
...Time-traveling phone boxes were not bigger on the inside.
4 Used to Love Him Danegen Tymps Fiona Apple Heathers None
…But high school was pretty much the same as it is now.
5 Imaginary Man Cara Marie Song of Imaginary Beings IAMX Labyrinth None
…You hoped David Bowie would kidnap your brother next.
6 Tiny Dancer Rowena Elton John Dirty Dancing None
...Dancing was even sexier then sex...
7 She Hates Me sisabet Richard Cheese Moonlighting None
...Bruce Willis had hair. And UST.
8 Life Is a Highway china shop Tom Cochrane ChiPs None
...Getting a speeding ticket had an upside.
9 Father & Daughter Eunice Paul Simon Punky Brewster None
...Unique fashion inspired uniquely perfect families.
10 One Barkley U2 and Mary J. Blige Magnum, P.I. None
...The past was haunting, but the future held hope.
11 Ithaca Greensilver Redbird The Big Chill None
...Baby Boomers found time to find themselves.
12 American Music Gianduja Kiss The Violent Femmes Quantum Leap None
...Dr. Sam Beckett got under America's skin.
13 Here It Goes Back Again thingswithwings Here It Goes Again OK Go Back to the Future None
...DeLoreans made history (with the help of a flux capacitor.)
14 Music Again f1renze Adam Lambert Karate Kid I & II None
...And we learned so much more than just karate.
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