Vividcon 2014
2014 State of Mind

Visions, memories, dreams, psychic abilities, mental programming, and out-of-body experiences. VJ: Trelkez

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 Tell Me Baby Killa Red Hot Chili Peppers Sucker Punch 00:03:54 [link]
Will you escape into your own mind …
2 Plug In Baby Andrea Muse The Matrix Trilogy 00:03:57 [link]
... or send your mind somewhere else?
3 Deep rhoboat Nine Inch Nails Farscape 00:04:08 [link]
Are you still yourself …
4 the girl or the weapon? kiki_miserychic Michael Andrews Firefly 00:03:25 [link]
… or are you something new?
5 Weeping Willow sisabet Richard Ashcroft The Invisible Man 00:04:54 [link]
Will what's been done to you pull you under ...
6 Intelligent Design Beccatoria Canibus Fringe 00:03:18 [link]
... or will you fight to stay afloat?
7 Killing for Love Trelkez José González X-Men 00:03:10 [link]
Are your dreams a conversation …
8 November Rain Eunice Guns N' Roses Blade Runner 00:04:44 [link]
… or the key to your identity?
9 Don't Lose Yourself sweetestdrain Laura Viers Doctor Who (2005) 00:03:39 [link]
Can you hold on to your memories …
10 Amnesia Dualbunny Hailey Wojcik Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind 00:04:08 [link]
… or would you rather let them go?
11 The Tower kaydeefalls Vienna Teng Merlin (BBC) 00:03:49 [link]
Will your visions turn on you …
12 Between Two Lungs tearful eye Florence + The Machine Push 00:03:15 [link]
… or save your life?
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