Vividcon 2013
2013 Not Just for Laughs (Except When They Are)

Vids to comedy shows can do more than make us laugh (although they can be great at that too). This vidshow explores the many possibilities inherent in comedy shows, old and new.

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 OK thingswithwings Holly Conlan Community and Parks & Recreation 00:04:02 [link]
Women supporting each other as a theme in comedy show history.
2 Va Va Voom Jetpack Monkey Nicki Minaj I Love Lucy 00:03:01
She's the living room's main attraction.
3 Hawkeye's Mad World Anutheal Mad World Gary Jules M*A*S*H 00:03:21 [link]
Exploring the darker side of a war comedy.
4 Chemicals React Sara Chemicals React (Remix) Aly & AJ Facts of Life 00:04:06 [link]
Effects highlight the volatile chemistry in the relationship.
5 Step Into Your Place Trutgras Rubber Bullets 10CC Blackadder 00:04:23 [link]
Use of propaganda posters to juxtapose absurd and dark scenes makes the vid even more poignant.
6 Baby I'm a Star Franzeska Prince The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air 00:02:34 [link]
Comedy is great for dancing (and slash).
7 Paul McCartney jarrow Scissor Sisters Will and Grace 00:03:30 [link]
Expressing friendship and love through fun physical actions.
8 To Make You Feel My Love Greensilver Garth Brooks Sports Night 00:03:52 [link]
Beautiful, emotional moments between a workplace family bring the tears.
9 Pam Pong ladama Sweet Diss and the Comebacks The Office (US) 00:03:59 [link]
Telling a love story with the little moments and the words of fans.
10 Best Friend Bassair To-Box The Big Bang Theory 00:03:10 [link]
Highlighting the ways comedy shows make slash actual text.
11 I'll Be OK Dogstar McFly Community 00:03:18 [link]
Finding a found family that helps you through tough times.
12 Raise Your Glass bumcrackmosh182 and lovekillsslowly36 Pink Friends and How I Met Your Mother 00:03:20 [link]
Exploring parallels between shows about groups of friends.
13 Fly sisabet Nicki Minaj Parks & Recreation 00:03:37 [link]
Achieving your dreams with hard work and the help of your friends.
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