Vividcon 2015
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# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 The Batman Complex themanbatman The Road to Death is Awe Clint Mansell Batman movies, Inception, The Machinist and Shutter Island 00:02:47 [link]
Multiple sources melded into one universe
2 Fem!lock trailer ВолчЁнок аka Сireal Story of the Ink David Holmes Sherlock 00:01:32 [link]
Multiple sources constructed into an existing source with gender changes
3 Mother Ufets Stay of Execution, Brooding Thoughts, and Warped Reality Richard Kimmings and Kes Loy, Alex Arcoleo, Mark Denis and Douglas Fonseca Saoirse Ronan films 00:02:23
Multiple sources centered on one actress melded into one universe
4 Downton Abbey Horror/Suspense Trailer (Evil!Matthew) Sparralex Two Figures By a Fountain, Mind Heist, and Creep Dario Marianelli, Zack Hemsey, Scala and Kolacny Brothers Downton Abbey 00:03:12 [link]
Genreswap from historical drama to horror/suspense
5 A Brief History of Montmaray Dayln Reprise Marcelo Zarvos The Montmaray Journals 00:01:49 [link]
Book trailer complied from multiple sources
6 Marvel's Black Widow | Fanmade Movie Trailer egoscsajszy Multi Multi Multi 00:02:19 [link]
Multiple sources used to create a trailer for a source fans wish existed
7 Halfway Through the Wood Anoel Awake Theme Reinhold Heil and Johnny Klimek Once Upon a Time 00:00:33 [link]
Trailer for a fanfiction (Halfway Through the Wood by fictorium) based on the premise of a television show (Awake)
8 superwhomerlock | the morning star deductism Knights of Cydonia Muse Doctor Who (2005), Merlin (BBC), Sherlock and Supernatural 00:01:24 [link]
Fan-based concept of combining these four television shows into a crossover (superwhomerlock)
9 root/shaw |safety first| trailer taylorischilling Uptown Funk, Kids, and Dangerous Bruno Mars and Mark Ronson, Sleigh Bells, and David Guetta featuring Sam Martin Person of Interest 00:01:26 [link]
Genreswap to an action romantic comedy with a refocus to a femslash relationship
10 Wes ANDERSON'S The ADDAMS Family (recut trailer) kenrben Angeles, Have Mercy, Sunny Afternoon, 5 Years David Bowie, Elliot Smith, The Rolling Stones, and The Kinks The Addams Family films and Wes Anderson films 00:05:30 [link]
Film (The Addams Family) reimagined in the style of a different director (Wes Anderson)
11 Breaking Bad grable424 We Are Born When We Die, World Without End, and How Low Apollo Sunshine, Brand X Music, and José González Breaking Bad 00:03:47 [link]
Series trailer edited for television show as lead into the final season
12 The Debt | The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Style KcFoxy Immigrant Song Karen O with Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross The Debt and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo 00:01:34 [link]
Video from one source (The Debt) edited to the audio from another movie's trailer (The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo)
13 New Girl | Z.. is for Zombie. OhChizz Your Touch, I'm So Excited, and Save the Best for Last The Black Keys, The Pointer Sisters, and Vanessa Williams New Girl 00:02:14 [link]
Genreswap from television sitcom to an inside joke (book written by a character on the show)
14 The Other Side maichan Feel Good Inc.; Girl, You'll Be a Woman Soon; and On the Other Side Gorillaz, Urge Overkill, and The Strokes Teen Wolf 00:01:49 [link]
Genreswap from supernatural television drama to romantic comedy movie with a refocus to a slash relationship featuring gender change
15 The Profound Bond cinderfels (ablazingwings) Myriad Harbour, Come Closer, Short Change Hero, and Be Mine The New Pornographers, Miles Kane, and The Heavy Supernatural 00:02:11 [link]
Genreswap to a buddy cop romantic comedy movie with a refocus to a slash relationship
16 Love Actually 2 - Trailer Parody Official Comedy All You Need is Love and This Will Be (An Everlasting Love) Lynden David Hall and Natalie Cole Love Actually 00:01:27 [link]
Movie sequel imagined using multiple sources
17 Mean Disney Girl pinkwhig Sugar Daddy, Cameltoe, Naughty Girl, Overdrive, and Milkshake Fannypack, Beyonce, Katy Rose, and Kelis Disney movies and Mean Girls 00:02:24 [link]
Video from one source (Disney movies) edited to the audio from another movie's trailer (Mean Girls)
18 The Bletchley Circle - Exclusive Trailer eemersonm Crazy in Love L'Orchesta Cinematique The Bletchley Circle 00:01:54 [link]
Television source edited as a movie trailer
19 Homestuck bloodrunsclear Showtime Remix End Strife Homestuck 00:01:36 [link]
Multiple sources used to create a trailer for a source existing in a different form (webcomic serial in the form of adventure game parody)
20 Wonder Woman - FAN-EDIT MOVIE TRAILER Mindd Kidzag Louder Than Words (Instrumental) and Order in the Chaos Les Friction and Paul Leonard-Morgan Wonder Woman 00:02:18 [link]
Multiple sources used to create a trailer for a source existing in a different form (comic books and animated television show)
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