Vividcon 2002
2002 Constructed Reality: I Don't Remember That from the Show!

Taking the source material and using it to create something completely different from canon--a relationship that never existed, encounters that never happened, stories that were never told.

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 CaliCrew 1996 Opening California Crew N/A Multi None
Our fandoms present a united front to rescue a master vid tape, taken by the Dark Side.
2 Centerfield California Crew John Fogerty Multi None
These Fandoms vs. Those Fandoms in a knock-down, drag-out, extra-innings extravaganza.
3 The City Apocalypse West The Tick Angel None
"Ticks suck blood. Do you suck blood?" "I gotta straw right here, pal."
4 Fonemate Carol S Throat Culture The X-Files None
The Truth Is Out There. This is a recording. BEEEEEP.
5 Heartbreaker Deejay Pat Benatar The Professionals None
Bodie isn't left with a lot of options.
6 I Remember L.A. Tolbran Celine Dion Starsky & Hutch None
Yes, but what if it wasn't happy ever after?
7 In the Air Tonight T'Rhys Phil Collins Blakes 7 and Star Trek TOS None
Two fandoms destroyed in one four-minute angst festival. Fun!
8 Opportunities Carol S, Killa and WOAD Society Pet Shop Boys Highlander None
Meanwhile, in an alternate universe, not so different from our own...
9 Orinoco Flow (Data's Dream) (original) GF aka Gayle, ShadowSongs and Tashery Orinoco Flow Enya Multi None
Flying dreams. We all have them--even androids.
10 Passion (The Feeling Begins) East By Northeast and astolat Passion Peter Gabriel Highlander None
Based on a fanfic story (Seduction of the Desert Prince, by the Krell). This one was almost impossible to do--I stole footage from desert movies and other TV shows, and even filmed some myself. But the music is just perfect.
11 Sahara Chicago Loop and snoo Moxy Fruvous Multi None
A meeting of the minds across time and space. Yes, you'll need to watch it twice.
12 Same Thing in Reverse Anagi, Jo, Media Cannibals, Nicole, Sandy and rache Boy George The Sentinel None
A public outing.
13 Third Rock from the Sun California Crew Joe Diffie Multi None
If you can make all the connections, you win a prize.
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