Vividcon 2016
2016 Express Yourself

Creative expression in its many forms, including music, writing, dance, fine art, and others.

## Denotes premiering video
# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 All In Together nancyblackett Professor Elemental feat. Nick Maxwell The Great British Bake Off 0:03:13 [link]
Celebrate your everything.
2 Daft Punk is Playing at My House Nicole Anell LCD Soundsystem Flight of the Conchords 0:03:28 [link]
Put on a show.
3 Manipulation Kitty Group 1 Crew K-Pop 0:03:53 [link]
Add some polish.
4 Bang Bang kuwdora Firework DeStorm Powers Hamilton 0:01:57 [link]
Rise up.
5 Rock 'n' Roll GhostTownExit The Sounds Henry & June 0:03:10 [link]
Find a muse.
6 Oh No! AbsoluteDestiny Marina and the Diamonds Purple Rain 0:02:30 [link]
Be one of a kind.
7 The Monster violace Eminem ft. Rihanna Black Swan 0:03:05 [link]
Try not to lose yourself.
8 Break the Night with Color Eunice Richard Ashcroft Doctor Who 0:03:59 [link]
Let people in.
9 Coming Home to Me metatxt Patty Griffin (featuring Julie Miller) Nashville 0:03:32 [link]
Support each other.
10 Coeur D'aline sisabet The Head and the Heart You're Beautiful 0:04:37 [link]
Put yourself and your music on the line for the people you love.
11 Failed Experiments in Video Editing Big Big Truck Multi Multi Cowboy Bebop and Original drawings 0:03:08 [link]
Ask yourself, "why am I doing this to myself??"
12 Shake It Off Trelkez Taylor Swift Slings and Arrows 0:02:33 [link]
Don't listen to the haters.
13 Manchester chaila Kishi Bashi Bunheads 0:04:13 [link]
And remember: everything must have its proper end.
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