Vividcon 2009
2009 History of Vidding: 1985-1990

Continuing her series of presentations about the early days of vidding, Kandy has mined her extensive collection and focused on 1985 to 1990. See the vids and hear about innovations that shook up fandom from someone who was there. VJ: Kandy

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 A Mocked Time Kandy Fong Various Star Trek TOS None
Despite the start of VCR vidding, Kandy kept making new slide shows. Here, instead of creating a new story, she invented a new way of looking at a classic episode.
2 Moon Shadow Mary Van Deusen Cat Stevens Starsky & Hutch None
The original version of one of the first fan vids she made. Heard she's up to about 474 now.
3 Through the Years Betsy Barr Kenny Rogers Simon & Simon None
One of the first fans taught by Mary.
4 The Rose Caren Parnes Bette Midler Star Trek TOS None
See what an artist's eye brings to a vid.
5 Don't Use Your Penis for a Brain Megan Kent Romanovsky & Phillips Starsky & Hutch None
Third generation East Coast vidder, found great songs. No surprise, she is a writer and zine editor.
6 I Feel the Earth Move Mary Van Deusen Carole King Star Trek TOS None
By the time Mary went to 4-PLAY in Phoenix she had over an hour of vids completed. This is the one whose images and metaphors were imprinted on my brain.
7 I'll Be Mellow When I'm Dead Deejay Weird Al Yankovic The Professionals None
Deejay made this in one night at a con in 1988, in Mary S. Van Deusen's hotel room, while Mary and Paul slept.
8 Yoda Linda Brown and Shana Shellenbarger Weird Al Yankovic Star Wars None
Linda and Shane were Phoenix fans who were inspired by vids Kandy brought back from cons.
9 In the Air Tonight Chris Soto Phil Collins Star Trek TOS None
Chris was a talented vidder who passed just as her talent blossomed, a loss to all vidders.
10 Every Breath You Take Jill Wanner The Police Star Trek TOS None
She worked with Tashery.
11 Continental Drift Tashery Eurythmics Blakes 7 None
Tashery vidded on her own with a new type of music and fantastic new way of ending the vid.
12 Love Is a Stranger GF aka Gayle The Rollings Stones Blakes 7 None
GF joined Tashery. This vidder is also an artist and a writer. Just look at the images and layers of meaning.
13 Smut Mary Van Deusen Tom Lehrer Multi None
Live action meets images from inside and outside fandom...just fun. First version.
14 Anything You Can Do Kandy Fong Cast of Annie Get Your Gun Star Trek TNG and Star Trek TOS None
Done in one night in a professional video studio. What could be done without the constraints and limitations of our early machines.
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