Vividcon 2006
2006 Novelty Songs and TV Themes

Sometimes Dr. Demento plays just teh perfect song! And who hasn't wanted to see the theme song for one show as a vid for another show? This show is all about the novelty songs and the TV theme songs, with an emphasis on humor. VJ: Par Avion

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 The Farscape Show Ann White and KOBA-TV Theme from The Muppet Show Sam Pottle, Jim Henderson Farscape None
The first vid I ever saw, this is funny and clever and a bit meta. A wonderful introduction to vids, and to this show.
2 I Think I'm a Clone Now Mary Van Deusen Weird Al Yankovic Multi None
What makes this version unique is the vidder’s use of source from multiple fandoms, which keeps the joke fresh. Very enjoyable.
3 The Addams Family JAC aka Judy Chien Theme from The Addams Family Vic Mizzy Twin Peaks None
Twin Peaks! What a strange...dare I say, creepy and kooky, show. Excellent match between song and fandom.
4 Chewy Konnekted Twin Chewbacca Supernova Star Wars None
This cracks me up. How did I not know this song existed? I’m so happy it’s a vid, too. Silliness that totally works.
5 George of the Jungle Zoe Rayne Theme from George of the Jungle Sheldon Allman The Sentinel None
Luckily for me, “George” was a cartoon before it was a movie. Very funny match with Jim’s backstory.
6 Mustang and Hughes: The Friendship Test David Beach Friendship Test Tenacious D Fullmetal Alchemist None
I’m not convinced that this is a novelty song, but it is very amusing and well edited. And Hughes would totally do this!
7 Orange Five-O Vlad G. Pohnert Theme from Hawaii Five-0 Morton Stevens Orange Road None
I only have a vague recollection of the original Hawaii Five-O credits, but I was very impressed with these. It’s a rockin’ theme.
8 Ebichu The Wonder Hamster Doki Doki Productions Harvey the Wonder Hamster Weird Al Yankovic Ebichu Minds the House None
There are many AMVs to this song (it’s a thing) but I particularly enjoyed this one.
9 Buffy Possible Konnekted Twin Call Me, Beep Me! (The Kim Possible Song) Christina Milliam Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
A fairly common conceit in the AMV world, this is an ambitious live-action attempt at matching the visuals from the original theme song.
10 I'm Too Sexy Melina Right Said Fred Highlander None
I like this take on the song because there are excellent clip/lyric matches and not one but three sexy, sexy characters. Mrowr!
11 Speed Racer Zeneyepirate N. Koshibe & P. Fernandez Fast and the Furious None
He’s a demon on wheels! Yes, yes he is. And adventure is ahead, just ask gwyn and Maygra. :)
12 Alley Oop Mary Van Deusen The Hollywood Argyles due South None
Alley Oop is a comic-strip caveman with a pet dinosaur, and this song was a hit in 1960. Somehow, this is perfect for Fraser.
13 Meet the Echolls Kimera Down with the Sickness Richard Cheese Veronica Mars None
Richard Cheese covers Disturbed in the style of a lounge singer. Darkly brilliant song choice for the Echolls family.
14 Emergency at St. Joel Center janzki Theme from ER James Newton Howard Black Jack None
Not comedic, but I was so impressed with this I had to show it. I trust that everyone has seen the ER credits at least once?
15 Angel Bebop Ryan Graff Theme from Angel Darling Violetta Cowboy Bebop None
It’s common for fans to equate Bebop with Firefly, but Ryan makes a beautiful and compelling case for Angel.
16 Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah Ferret Face Alan Sherman M*A*S*H None
Last-minute find. A classic novelty song, for a rarely vidded fandom. And it’s great! My job here is done.
17 Particleman LT Garrix They Might Be Giants Farscape None
I love TMBG, and this is a wacky song for a wacky episode of an often wacky show. Not to mention a great transition...
18 Masochism Anime Flying Frog Studios Masochism Tango Tom Lehrer, cover by Absolutely Nobody Multi None
... to a vid that mixes cartoons and anime. It’s an a cappella cover of an oft-vidded song, with a different and more literal lyric interpretation.
19 Iron Editor - Mission Impossible MeriC and VegettoEX Theme from Mission: Impossible Adam Clayton & Larry Mullen Multi None
Stylish winner of an “Iron Chef” AMV competition in 2005. Theme: exploration. Secret ingredient: Star Trek: The Animated Series.
20 Greetings from Lost Island Tourism Charmax Multi Various Lost None
A very clever entry for an LVI “tourism” contest. It is the last section that sends the vid into Brilliant! territory.
21 Detachable Penis Alex, Media Cannibals, Sandy, Tina, gwyneth and rache King Missile The Professionals None
Hilariously inspired concept to a song novel enough to have its own wikipedia entry, this vid was recently remastered by Justacat. Shiny!
22 A Morality Tale Clucking Belles, Sandy and rache Theme from Green Acres Eddie Albert & Eva Gabor (Vic Mizzay) Smallville None
A highlight of the ‘03 Escapade vid show for me, this was a must-have. Great choice for Clark and Lex that finds perfect clips to illustrate their relationship.
23 Orgasm Addict Barkley The Buzzcocks Stargate SG-1 None
“They are running through a big wet hole carrying guns! I mean, seriously, people.” —katie_m, about her vid present’s phallic and yonic imagery.
24 I Can Change Nicole Anell Trey Parker (South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut soundtrack) Buffy the Vampire Slayer None
The world really did need another Spike vid! The song is a snarky duet between Satan and Saddam Hussein. I’m grinning like a loon.
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