Vividcon 2014
2014 History of VividCon Intro Vids

Let's begin at the very beginning. Think you know intro vids? Come see how they have evolved at VividCon from comedic show starters, primarily intended to convey information about acceptable behavior during the Premieres show, to fully realized (if brief) vids about the fannish zeitgeist, the specific year's VividCon theme, or the Premieres show itself! VJ: renenet

# Title Vidder(s) Song (if different) Artist Fandom(s) Duration Download URL
1 VividCon 2003 Intro Vid VividCon 00:00:15 [link]
2 VividCon 2004 Intro Vid snoo & tzikeh VividCon 00:00:49 [link]
Llama llama llama llama...
3 VividCon 2005 Intro Vid snoo & tzikeh VividCon 00:01:41 [link]
Llama llama vid.
4 VividCon 2006 Intro Vid snoo & tzikeh VividCon 00:01:44 [link]
The missing ingredient...
5 VividCon 2007 Intro Vid LithiumDoll VividCon 00:01:21 [link]
Please respect the Flying Mexican Spaghetti Llama.
6 VividCon 2008 Intro Vid LithiumDoll VividCon 00:01:07 [link]
Do Not Push.
7 VividCon 2009 Intro Vid LithiumDoll VividCon 00:01:16 [link]
Star Trek in 60 seconds (and re-enacted by llamas).
8 Previously... (Intro Vid) Luminosity and Melina VividCon 00:01:34 [link]
2010. Wait. Wait. Stop! We're not doing it this way.
9 For 10 Years... (Intro Vid) Dualbunny Hoppipolla Sigur Ros VividCon 00:02:02 [link]
2011. For 10 years we have gathered...
10 Intro Vid Greensilver - - Multi 00:01:27 [link]
2012. May the vids be ever in your favor!
11 2013 Premieres Intro Jetpack Monkey Elk Hunt Trevor Jones Multi 00:00:55 [link]
The vid is a gift...
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